Green Peppercorn – Fairfield


Last Friday, we went to visit Holy Basil’s sister, Green Peppercorn on a dinner date with our mum, aunty and cousin. The first thing you notice is that it is very spacious. The floating bird cages, room dividers and overall decor is very pretty. At Holy Basil, you wait in line for ages only to be seated outside back to back with another table, with people from the gym walking past and screaming at you ‘Do u even lift?’ and flexing everywhere. I’m just kidding. This has never happened. However, just like Holy Basil, parking is hard to find.


Watermelon and Avocado Fruit Shake ($5.50 each) | Satay Chicken ($10.90/4 pcs)

Not sure if its because I haven’t had a store made Avo Milkshake in ages, but this one tasted like liquid gold. To me, this is one of the few ways I can eat Avocado – thrown into a blender with generous amounts of condensed milk. So essentially, it would just taste like condensed milk. From the looks of the watermelon one, it looks like a granita, I wouldn’t know since I don’t really like watermelon … Shock, horror. But my cousin says it was yum. When the satay chicken came out, I think we got a good indication of the portion sizes, bit steeper than the Newtown uni specials!

Aside from the staple Pad See Ew ($12.90), we decided to be rebellious and try some new things. Like the Pad Cashew Nut ($10.90) and Mixed entree – Fish cake, spring roll, chicken wing and curry puff ($10.90), not pictured.


Soft-shell Crab ($16.90) | Gang Ped Yang – Laos Duck Red Curry ($16.90)

These two are the highlight of the night. To my recollection I have never had such crunchy soft-shell crab. The Duck Curry, was a perfect combination of hot, sweet and sour – containing pineapple, tomato and lychee. “The flavours were just exquisite and bang-on babes!” – Edwina. She now insists on putting lychee in all the curry we make. We hadn’t finished our mains yet, when a new waiter came along and stacked our dishes on top of one another, we looked at him pointedly to which he quickly stopped and asked ‘if we were finished?’, I think he answered that for himself once he decided to sandwich our food to the underside of another plate.


Fried ice-cream ($13.90) |  Pandan Creme Brulee ($13.90)

Last but not least, the famous dessert bar. The fried ice-cream is pretty much the same one from Holy Basil, but they have the choice of Gelato for an extra $3.50, we just stuck with vanilla because we’re vanilla. The Pandan Creme Brulee which I heard so much about, to the point that during my exam period last year when I couldn’t go out to actually try it, I decided to have a go at making my own. I was a bit disappointed in, all I am saying is, I will be writing a blog about making your own Pandan Creme Brulee using a recipe from Google. Overall, the food was really nice and I think it deserves all the hype it’s been receiving. Will be back to try other things!

The photos are from my phone btw, because believe it or not even I find whipping out a digital camera in restaurants embarrassing… Just kidding, I didn’t bring my camera. I have no shame. Find me on

Green Peppercorn
​02 9724 7842
1 Hamilton Road, Fairfield 2165

12pm-3pm (Mon-Sun)

5:30-10pm (Mon-Wed)
5:30-11pm (Thus-Sat)
5:30-9:30pm (Sun)
Friday and Saturday Dessert Bar open until 12:30am


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