Sydney Tower Dining, Westfield Sydney


As an early Mother’s Day present, we took our mum and grandma to Sydney Tower, previously known as ‘Centrepoint Tower’ but now has the words ‘Westfields’ plastered across it’s side. Although it’s name has changed, one thing had not, that we have still not acted on our plan to dine at the revolving restaurant. Well that all changes now. Having been armed with reviews that spoke of mediocre food and customer service, I wasn’t expecting too much. Which is unusual considering it cost $68 per person to get seats for a 90 minute seating on a weeknight. You do the maths. In addition to that, it was a buffet. Some people may beg to differ, but I don’t really like the idea of picking up a plate and walking around and having to serve myself. That being said, the price was significantly cheaper than that of the Al La Carte, at 360 Degree Dining, so … forgive me for trying to be wallet friendly.

Before you even ride the elevator up to the tower, you have to pay up front at the desk. Once that was done, we were ushered  (the usher literally waved his hand at me and silently told me to move) into the lifts and ready to shoot up Sydney’s tallest free-standing structure – 260m off the ground!

Untitled-14Untitled-9Roasted fish, caramelised garlic and smoked paprika | Lemon lime bitters $12Untitled-1Untitled-2

Being a buffet, I didn’t expect to be bothered by waiters/waitresses too much. But we had a very insistent waitress that continued to ask us to make a drink order (not inclusive), a photographer and then a sales person afterwards who was looking to sell the photograph on a variety of key chains and bookmarks. All for a bargain price of $35! The photo alone is $20 – and not that you were wondering, but we looked very washed out and the background was non-existent as she had pointed her flash directly at us despite only standing 1m away.

Untitled-6Crocodile chipolatas, baby spinach | Emu sausages, bush tomato and lemon thymeUntitled-5Untitled-10Lavender and strawberry mousse, lemon tart, pavlova | Beetroot rocket salad, marinated artichoke and almond salad, feta basil and tomato salad

To be honest, you really are paying for the view. Where else can you get an interrupted view of Sydney’s sunset whilst pigging out to an unlimited array of seafood and exotic meats? Crocodile, emu and kangaroo inclusive. You definitely won’t feel hungry afterwards, but nothing really stood out. The salad bar was decent, the takoyaki wasabi mayonaise and roasted fish with caramelised garlic and smoked paprika was nice. I think our meal consisted of us just taking a bite out of everything to try it – unfortunately a lot of food was dry and bland so we just stuck to eating the seafood – you can’t really ruin something that isn’t cooked can you?  Albeit quite a pricey, and sub par in terms of taste and service, I can not deny the beautiful views that surrounded us the entire 90 minutes. Tip: check BOM for sunset times and get there 30 minutes before to witness the sky on fire. Nonetheless, an experience we had to try, having lived in Sydney all my life. I’m not going to lie, running around with my camera, and spinning around the restaurant is great novelty fun.



Transcript of Edwina’s 4 minute rant about the dessert:

E: There was no source of flour in the mudcake, it was just a ganache. And the turkish delight whipped cream was just disgusting, the lemon tart was disgusting, the lemon tart oh my god, can I get a hell no, it was just an explosion of egg with a scent of lemon, I mean looks were deceiving I mean it looked so good. Pavlova?  I’m not a fan of pavlova. The lavender mousse was like eating our backyard, it was disgusting, it just smelt putrid. Flowers belong in the garden, not in the kitchen  I’m joking, don’t say that. It just tasted like whipped cream with lavender in it. The only thing worth eating is the coffee profiterole but even after just one you get sick of it because it’s just so sweet. The red wine jelly panna cotta – the pana cotta, that was nice, but the wine part was just disgusting, so bitter. Maybe because I don’t drink wine. Passionfruit ice cream? that was disgusting too. It didn’t even taste like passionfruit it was so artificial, it was just icy but the honey comb, that was nice because it was just honey comb and vanilla ice cream which you cant really go wrong with. There was also the mango tapioca, which was nice, nothing special. What else was there? The best thing was actually the apple pie, which was actually really nice. I didn’t try the orange fudge cake or whatever. And that’s all we had. The oysters could have been a bit bigger. But I guess it’s a buffet. The customer service was terrible.

C: You used the word disgusting a lot
E: You put me on the spot

Untitled-4Untitled-3Chocolate | Passionfruit | Honeycomb

In the end, we still had a nice evening out in the city. Even if we did have to eat dinner at 5 o’clock to catch that sunset. Curse the end of daylight saving. I can’t say I’ll be coming here again, but definitely an experience that I am glad I had made. Then again, maybe paying for the sky tour would have been more entertaining. So guys, tell me have you ever paid a ridiculous (I’m a student okay?) amount of money for food that really wasn’t worth your while. And if so, why did you do it? Make me feel better. Please.



Sydney Tower Dining
Reception Level 4, Sydney Westfield Centre, Between Pitt & Castlereagh Streets, Sydney
NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 8223 3800


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