MakMak Macarons via Via Del Corso


(see what I did with the title)

I am not the biggest fan of macarons, they are pretty tiny and expensive for a sugar hit, but I do love how adorable they look and the interesting flavours you find them in. Most of all, they make awesome models for any photo. Bitches love photos of macarons.


Earlier this week, we celebrated Edwina’s 17th birthday. As a “sorry your actual birthday present is late” gift, I got her MakMak macarons. I first heard of MakMak from Time Out Sydney who dubbed them the Number 1 macron’s in Sydney. Last year whilst walking through Westfield Sydney, I found out that the cafe/dessert place in their food hall ‘Via Del Corso’ stock them, so I went to give it a try and grabbed a similar flavour one from the downstairs Ladurée. Speaking of Ladurée, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want freshly made macarons from the likes of MakMak and Adriano Zumbo, and pay more for imported frozen ones. I get that they are from France and they probably taste amazing there, but don’t think their frozen counterparts are doing them any justice.

Back to MakMak. As Via Del Corso only stocked a limited amount of flavours, I should really do a review after going to their retail store, but nonetheless, pictured are Passionfruit, Orange & Lemon Myrtle | Smoked Vanilla &
Pecan Praline | Raspberries & Cream | Green Tea | Salted Caramel | Coconut and Chocolate | Pistachio.


“The macarons had a light and crispy shell, with just the right amount of moistness, as macarons should be. My favourite was Green Tea, the taste of green tea was very genuine. I also liked the tanginess of the Passionfruit, Orange & Lemon Myrtle. The Coconut and Chocolate one tasted like lamington which was a delight to eat!”
– Edwina

Super keen to go visit their retail store!

MakMak Macarons
601 King St Newtown
11am-7pm Tuesday to Friday
11am-6pm Saturday
Phone: (02) 8095 0045


2 thoughts on “MakMak Macarons via Via Del Corso

  1. I’d imagine the fresh macarons from Laduree would taste even more amazing than the frozen ones here :S I’m not particularly a fan of what seems to be Zumbo’s famous signature salted caramel macarons cause it tastes way so sweet I’m not sure they even why its called salted. Otherwise everything else tastes… normal LOL surprising the Laduree ones are particularly soft which I enjoy, even if its frozen, although I’d be hard pressed to pay $3.20 for one unless its for a special occasion or I’m feeling lucky.

    • I actually haven’t tried his Salted Caramel one, but his other flavours are really interesting! Haha I guess it is different for everyone, but try MakMak 😀

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