Mother’s Day Dinner


As a celebratory “you may now eat whatever you like” since the Live Below the Line Challenge had ended and another Mother’s Day Dinner (of course!), Edwina decided to cook dinner. I helped, and made the salad. I also went out to buy the falafels from El Jannahs, having mistook a packet of oxygen absorber for falafel flavouring, but more on that never.

Presenting the menu for tonight:

  • Caramelised parsnip
  • Caramelised baby Dutch carrots with sultana and almond
  • Grilled flat mushroom
  • Grilled zucchini
  • Beetroot, lettuce, cherry tomato, greek feta and cucumber salad
  • Falafel and hummus
  • Honey-mustard leg of lamb with natural greek yogurt
  • Mash potato (didn’t think I would be eating potatoes any time soon, yet …)






Lots of vegetables, because how I have missed my vegetables over the last five days. By the way, a detailed blog post about that soon! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our Live Below the Line: 5 Days in 5 Minutes – a short clip I put together showing the foods we ate for the challenge.

Anyways, hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day, or maybe it was just another ordinary day for you because you always treat your mum like a queen 🙂

mum“Why don’t you ever look happy?” “Because of you” 

Ah … she loves me.


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