Orange Flourless Cake – Adriano Zumbo

ImageWant to feel like a MasterChef in an hour? Grab one of these babies from Adriano Zumbo’s extensive dessert range from your local Coles/Woolies and in about an hours time you can start Instagramming a sick looking cake/brownie/macaron etc. Each box is designed with cute foil illustrations of the dessert it contains, cute enough that Edwina is still preserving it.

It’s almost fool proof, quick and easy to make, you can do it whilst watching an episode of The Office (then cry, resume baking again). The only other things you need are four oranges, eggs and water. Then you’re pretty much all set! It will certainly give you a sugar hit and you can challenge yourself with the “pressure points” in the recipe. The “orange” slices on the cake are actually slices of a orange jelly! Cool right?

Fun to make, yummy to eat. 10/10 would bake.


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