Salad Me Happy

ImageIf you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed this brunch of champions last week. It looks intense, but it’s actually three different salads divided on a plate. What’s great about all three of them is that they are filling and warm – and of course easy to make, as salads are. Finding names for them … not so much.

A. Tabouli with Beetroot and Cous Cous
When the word tabouli comes to mind, the first thing I think of is tiny, weeny pieces of parsley with even smaller pieces of tomato. Long afternoons slaving the day away. I love tabouli, but at what costs do I have to place my hands through to get it? It’s unjustified. Crazy thing though – if you chop the parsley roughly – it tastes the same. Bizarre. Beetroot coupled with tabouli was inspired by my uncle who insisted that I eat a “pre-dinner” before a dinner with friends one night. Very unorthodox practice, but I am glad I did because this combination is gold. Spoon out the insides of the tomato before dicing it up. Cous cous makes everything filling. If we’re going to make salad, let’s make a meal out of it. Grab a box from the supermarket and follow the cooking instructions. Toss everything together. Add a squeeze of lemon and season appropriately.

B. Chicken and Egg, Almond, Sultana with Mustard and Red Wine Vinegar Dressing
This salad has been a long staple of mine. Whenever I am short of time, I just throw together whatever greens I have in my fridge, sear some chicken breasts and throw in whatever pantry ingredients I can find. This includes but is not limited to: olives, almonds, pepita seeds, sultanas (always have ’em). The secret to a soft-boiled egg? I don’t know. I seem to leave the egg in the saucepan 3 minutes after the water has started boiling and it turns out every time. Crack pepper it like crazy, so you’re not ripping open a fart bomb at work (it happens) and dress with some wholegrain mustard and vinegar.

C. Pumpkin, Beetroot, Capsicum with Cous Cous
This salad is inspired by some cathartic experience Edwina had at a salad bar in Parramatta – so she says. The cous cous is cooked off with chicken stock instead of water, which I find a bit too salty but she seems to dig it. Beetroot and pumpkin are diced and dried in the oven, seasoned with some herbs. Add the capsicum and olives, and you’ve got yourself a salad. Good work!

Pictured above, there is a slice of plain rice cake and a dollop of cottage cheese. Can I just add that I spent 5 hours in the kitchen prepping all of these so I could have all the ingredient for a week’s supply of salad. I would call myself lazy for needing to prepare my week’s meals in advance, but damn, those 5 hours.

Anyways, thanks for reading and happy eating!


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