Lately, on Instagram

Or more so, in general, I haven’t been going out too much since assessments were being due and exams are rolling around (just finished one, yippee!) and lesbihonest – all-time-low-social-life-rutt. Is that a thing? It is now. Another thing I still haven’t gotten around to is bringing my camera into restaurants. I know. Not like taking photos of my meal with my phone is any better, but I can’t bring myself to … ah. Life is hard. Soon my friends, this ordeal will be overcome. Soon. Meanwhile, there’s still Instagram. Here’s my digestive system in a month.

1. Groceries for Live Below the Line Challenge $20 all up, 2. Boiled potato and tin beetroot salad for lunch every other day. Can’t look at potato again. By the way guys, still time to donate so please do!

3. LBL improv frozen ratatouille, it’s frozen, it’s fake but it’s still food 4. LBL has repaired my relationship with cereal and banana – fan girl for sure now!


5. Gumshara Ramen @ Eating World Chinatown! Best ramen in Sydney? Could be, 6. Miso @ World Square – their giant bento boxes will have you running … on a treadmill for a month. Serious food baby.

9 10

7. Free burrito at Guzman Y Gomez! Hell yeah!  8. Free froyo – Finding free foods with friends should be a hobby of mine – look at dat alliteration. Mmm, I’m sore from all the efffffff-ort.


9. Going el loco for El Loco @ Surry Hills, with their famous churros – could skip on the chocolate sauce though, cos ours looked like shh … 10. Their Al Pastor Pork Torta Sandwich is mean! And it falls everywhere so I look even more uncoordinated than usual. Winning!


11. Look at this fancy kiwi fruit I found. I’m throwing kiwi everywhere now, smoothie, yogurts, air, hair you name it! 12. What’s better than a thinly sliced piece of banana bread pressed between a toaster (without butter thank you)? Instagranny.

That’s a wrap people. Not sure why I felt the need to write everything as if I was rattling off a news prompter, but I did. And I like it. And I need to go out more often. Peace!


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