Chanoma Cafe – Regent Place


I went here with my friend the other night before watching “Only God Forgives” at the Sydney Film Festival. It was sick. Go see it somehow. Buy it on DVD or something rather. Back to the cafe. Chanoma Cafe stems from a family of little Japanese food bars that are popping up all across Sydney.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon that is the little Japanese food bars – then you need to hop on stat. To my knowledge the udon bar, Menya Mappen in Town Hall has opened itself another store in Bondi Junction, Chinatown has Hana Hana, and Regent Place has the Ramen equivalent. Basically you head on over and score yourself a bowl of hot goodness for under $5 and walk along a bar with foods like sweet potato, tempura and kimchi which cost an additional $1 (give or take). It’s a wonderful concept, and has had a nurturing relationship with my uni student budget. It’s pretty much everything you love about fast food minus the greasy paper bags. I could spend hours writing about my love for such noodle bars, but let’s just leave it at: it’s hip and its happnin’.


Going to put it out there and say that I am not sausage lover because processed meats creep me out – what are they? Fat, skin, feet, stomach – I WILL NEVER KNOW. I’ve been here quite a few times already but my friend has never tried it before. It’s hard to miss because it has three walls of glass with vines running along the sides – really stands out!


She ordered a Terriyaki Chicken Dog $5.50 – which -drumroll- doesn’t contain a sausage! How’s that for a twist? I had a Chanoma Cheese Dog $5.50, because I was too tired to decide so I pointed at the one with cheese on it. In addition to choosing the toppings, you also get to choose the type of sausage you want: Kransky, Chorizo etc. (I say etc. because I have exhausted my sausage knowledge).

We ordered their shaker fries as well in the Spicy and Soy $4.40! Yummy! Another slammin thing on the menu is their array of Green Tea and milk concoctions – if you want a matcha hit-me-up, don’t sweat it. This place will cover you if you still struggle to pronounce the drink sizes at Starbucks.


Here are some beautiful photos of my friend and her Orea Matcha Frappe $6.50.  It drew a lot of emotions out of her. As pictured. You can tell she loves hot dogs! The soft buns are topped with “Japanese Fusion” flavours, like wasabi mayo and Japanese Mayonaise. Reminds me of Bread Top except everything is freshly made.

Overall, there is no doubt that the food here looks adorable and appetising  but for a hot dog cafe, I gotta say the shaker fries and the drinks steal the show. Plus! The cute little thing is unlikely to fill you up. Good thing they have desserts right?

Chanoma Cafe
Regent Place
501 George St Sydney
Sydney, NSW


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