The Meeting Point: Haymarket


After knocking back a second exam last week, my friend and I decided to try this little place out as it was just outside our university. We were supposed to get hot pot or Taiwanese “Shabu Shabu”, which is what I think this place is known for, but we were short on time so we settled for their lunch specials instead. Look how pretty the ceiling is!


For their lunch special, $10 can get you one serving of Minced Stewed Pork with Rice, and a choice of a side – my friend chose Deep- Fried Cuttlefish Balls. Based on the spoon I had, both the rice and pork were melt-in-you-mouth soft. The cuttle fish balls looked so cute, but I have no idea why they have rainbow sprinkles on them … they tasted pretty ordinary, except of course a crunch from the sprinkles. Having a look at their menu, they actually have a few things with rainbow sprinkles on them …Untitled-7

They had “bento boxes” and this one here, the Stewed Pork Ribs Set $10.50 which contained an assortment of stir-fried vegetables (zucchini!) and boiled cabbage. When they first gave me the box I was a bit confused, because it didn’t look anything like it did on the menu – the pork looked more like chicken and there was no shiny egg in the center. I got a pile cucumbers instead. Hell no son. I know the value of an egg!

Grapefruit Green Tea Yakult $2 (usually $4.30) | My Entitled Egg

The strange thing was, when I asked the waitress where the egg was she just turned away and came back with one in a separate bowl as if that were the norm. “Well, I would have given you the egg if only you had asked for it silly!” I wonder what they do with all those half-cut eggs that they try to keep from customers … anyways, in addition to the lunch specials, they have a drink special upon the purchase of any rice/bento box you get any drink for $2 up to the worth of $4.80. So I decided to be fruity and try something completely whack. I asked the waiter exactly how weird this would taste and he answered vaguely with “depends on your taste”. Well in the end both my friend and I liked it – so they’re going to need to consider selling this for take-away 😉

Might be back next time for some Shabu Shabuuuuuu, largely because I just want to say Shabu Shabuuuuuuu! Found any lunch specials lately you would like to share?

The Meeting Point
Address: Shop R1.01B/9-13 Hay Street Haymarket NSW 2000 (Market City Ground Floor, Next to Paddy’s Markets Tram Stop)
Phone: 02-9280 3680

Weekdays: 11:30 am – 22:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 11:30 am – 23:30 pm

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