Beetroot Bouquet?

Untitled-1Yes please! What if I told you that you could make your own chips? Thin, crispy, 100% vegetable and 0% oil? The secret is beetroot. Now we have never had the need to buy fresh beetroot. We had always been content with the ones in the tin. A few months ago, we bought a bunch of beetroots, and to say it was life changing would be a real … indication just how uneventful my life is. Only kidding. Fresh beetroot is an acquired taste I think. We couldn’t eat it raw for it seemed to taste like a cross between raw potato and carrot. Yet baking it brought out a whole new dimension to it. Trust me, you want to try this.

Inspired by the vegetable chips my mum bought from Vietnam, we decided to make “beetroot chips”. You simply wash and peel the beetroots, slice the beetroots and bake it until crispy. You may salt it if you wish (but trust me, it’s quite flavoursome already). There are quite a few vegetables you could try this with – carrots, zucchini, pumpkin and of course, potato. Tell us of any that you have tried 🙂


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