Ippudo – Westfield Sydney


I finally made it to Ippudo for their famous ramen! After seeing my Instagram feed littered with photos of their cute little pork buns (and not being able to afford the ones at Momofuku), I had to try it out for myself. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint! From the moment you step foot into the restaurant the waiters are greeting you cheerfully in Japanese. The ramen chefs yell happily from the kitchen throughout your stay and really makes you forget that a few steps away is a ‘dining hall’ with business people sipping on their coffees and carving bite-sizes out of their delicate salads. I admit both my friend and I spent a great deal laughing at the amount of noise they made – it’s definitely a cheerful atmosphere.

Untitled-2Shiromaru Motoaji Ramen $15 | Nitamago $2

I ordered the Shiromaru Ramen which I think is the most basic ramen. I’ve tried quite a few ramens around Sydney (and a few in Hong Kong) and I’ve learnt two things (1) I like pork broth and (2) hand-made noodles are win. The broth here is very flavoursome, but not thick (and by ‘thick’ I am comparing it against Gumshara which broth’s has the viscosity of honey) and I am not complaining. The noodle is beautifully thin, smooth and just the right amount of chewy. The Ippudo Pork Bun $4, pictured above, tastes just as soft and fluffy as it looks, and the crunch from the cabbage went wonderfully from the juicy piece of pork it held in between. I feel hungry at the thought of it!

Ippudo Sydney
Westfield Sydney
Level 5 (Shop 5021)
188 Pitt Street

Phone: +61 2 8078 7020
Email: info@ippudo.com.au

Mon 11am-10pm (9pm last order)
Tue 11am-10pm (9pm last order)
Wed 11am-11pm (10pm last order)
Thu 11am-11pm (10pm last order)
Fri 11am-11pm (10pm last order)
Sat 11am-11pm (10pm last order)
Sun 11am-9pm (8pm last order)

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