Pies & Pastries

Sorry  for the long hiatus! No excuses this time, just diving back into business.  This is the last  of the left-over drafts from Winter so time to crunch out some new ones! Spring is here, flowers are blooming, animals are being pushed out of uteruses – it is only fitting that we carry along and play our part.

Ready-made puff and filo pastry is the bomb dot com. Keep a supply in your freezer and anything is possible. It’s basically like food origami. Any ingredient you like, wrap it up in pasty, throw it in the oven and I guarantee you that 98%, it will be edible. Not merely “oh, I can eat this” edible, but “wow, I want to eat this” edible. Okay. This post is dedicated to my dear friend who is looking to make some nibbles for her mama. Without further adieu, we have used filo pastry and puff pastry in the following ways.

1. Beef and Mushroom Triangle

DSC_0734_800x600 DSC_0757_800x600

Puff pastry as an envelope. Left over steak and mushroom sauce from the night before? Perfect. Cut it up as you will, heat it up (or not) and let the pastry hold it together. You will notice that we rolled the edges over the sides, it’s really up to you how you seal it in. Do whatever works. Optional: pan-fry the pie so that the base will be crunchy – it also helps it cook quicker. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and brush with egg before putting it in the oven until golden brown.

2. Sun-dried Tomato, Mushroom and Walnut Quiche

IMG_4242_800x600 IMG_4245_800x600

Line a ramekin dish or tin with some layers of filo pastry – around six layers or depending on how thick you want your crust. Fill with crushed walnuts (or not), ricotta cheese, mushroom and sun-dried tomato and cover with a mixture of thickened cream and egg. Top with cheese and bake until cheese melts.

3. Mixed Berry ‘Danish’

IMG_4423_800x600 IMG_4426_800x600
Cut puff pastry sheet into squares and spoon some frozen berries in the centre. Fold the edges towards the centre to form a parcel, fold back the corners as pictured. Sprinkle with some raw sugar and off into the over it goes! Serve with some natural yogurt.

All the best!


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