Pistachio and Raspberry Ice-cream


The heat is back, and appropriately, so is the ice-cream machine! In all honesty though, ice-cream is something that I can eat in any weather. It’ll be freezing at midnight and I could still crave it. I don’t think I have ever eaten Gelato Messina in the day, I am just saying. We love experimenting with ice-cream flavours, so this particularly day seemed like a good one to finally try pistachio ice-cream – is it criminal that we have never tried it before?

DSC_0093_800x600 copyThis here is a basic ice-cream recipe mixed in with pistachio paste and frozen raspberries. Edwina used the recipe from here. “The best way to skin pistachios …” is to not skin them at all. To be honest, you spend 2 hours shelling and peeling the skin off pistachio nuts for what? For it to taste like an almond. Once you boil them down, they actually start tasting a lot like almonds. Pistachios don’t exist – they are merely almonds dressed more warmly. Seriously, no wonder pistachio paste is so hard to find – who on earth has the sensible mind to sit through the ordeal? (And I am speaking as a person who had to watch another person do it).

I really liked the crunchy texture of this ice-cream, and the balance of sweet and sour. However, it really tastes more like almond than pistachio – so much that it was like eating a macaron infused in ice-cream. Additionally, no matter how great it tastes, it is still not enough to actually labour a day away to make it.

What flavour combo should we try next?


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