Star Dumplings


I think it would be safe to say, that someone was very bored one afternoon. Homemade dumplings should be a staple in any freezer. You can go ahead and make a hundred in one go and throw them all into storage until the next financial year. They keep so easily and it takes 10 minutes to make. The fillings we usually use are minced pork with chives or whatever left over vegetables we have in the fridge draws.


Then comes the fun part, wrapping them, which usually consists of me spending 20 minutes trying to be the head chef of Din Tai Fung and getting them intricate 18 folds on the edge, then proclaiming it’s ridiculousness and leaving the rest for my sister to do. I’m pretty handy in the kitchen.

In terms of cooking the dumplings, my mum instructs us to boil the dumplings, then pour cold water over them when they bubble, wait until it boils again, pour cold water over again and take them out after the final boil. So boil them a total of three times. Apparently, this is meant to make the skin of the dumpling more ‘crisp’ – there is a word in Cantonese which means the opposite of mushy but isn’t exactly, “Pringle-Chips-Crisp” – but more about overcoming language barriers another time.

Serve with some red vinegar and soy sauce!


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