Down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ – Sydney


We’re back, and the first post on the agenda is burgers! Have not made a restaurant review in a while – this time we head to Rabbit Hole – Bar and Dining. Their Wagyu Beef Burger was named one of the world’s best burgers, so it immediately tickled my curiosity. Down a flight of stairs, you arrive at a small bar surrounded by tables and cushioned seating. For our visit, we decided to sit at their second bar at the back, amongst even more cushions. I have to add though, that this was actually my third attempt at catching the burger. The first time was for a friend’s birthday dinner, we arrived just after 8pm and was told that the kitchen closed upon a large group just entering before us. We were really disappointed, especially because we were anticipating one of the best burger in the world. The second time I tried, I was with a friend and we were about to see Aung San Suu Kyi at the Opera House (exciting, I know!), and we arrived for a late lunch at 3pm. Unfortunately, their kitchen had also just closed. Just my luck. I was really beginning to doubt whether I was ever meant to try this burger. Third time lucky right? I went with Edwina, half thinking that we would be thrown out once again because their kitchen evaporated this time, but fortunately, everything went smoothly.

drinksMagners Apple and Berries and Peach Cider $9.50

Once we were seated, a friendly waitress took our order (no need to even look at the menu); we both ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger with a side of Truffle and Parmesan Chips. It normally comes with regular chips, but for an extra $2 you can get truffle and parmesan! Totally worth it. Seriously, it might be too early to say, but I have found a life long partner inside those thrice cooked chips. Too early and too insane. I don’t even care. Their truffle and parmesan chips, are definitely the best chips I have ever had. So crispy and tasty. I am going to stop now before I scare you guys away.

cu“Rabbit Hole” Wagyu Beef Burger on a brioche bun with Brie cheese and house made tomato relish served  with hand cut fat chips $24

The burger was certainly outstanding, in that it was a combination of some of my favourite things – brie, house made tomato relish and aioli, and soft, juicy wagyu beef. There are a few places that claim to serve wagyu beef in their burgers, but they end up tasting like a regular patty because they are overcooked; this was definitely not the case with these guys. Along with the burger and chips, there is a side of pickled vegetables – more than enough for a very filling lunch.

There is no doubt that I will venture down here again, and perhaps try some other items on their menu. Meanwhile, I will continue to rave about their truffle chips to anyone who will listen. Seriously so good guys! I still think about the one chip I left behind because I was too full. I shed a tear every time.

Rabbit Hole
Bar & Dining
Basement level
82 Elizabeth St
Sydney NSW 2000

For reservations please call 02 8084 2505 or email

Check out their adorable menu on their website!


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