Sydney Fish Market – Pyrmont


This place is for nostalgia. We used to come here once a year with my family every time my uncle and aunty from Hong Kong came to visit. If my childhood memories serve me correctly, there used to be pelicans floating about as we ate our share of the seafood platter down at the pier. Over a decade later (wow, did that just make me feel old), the pier is no longer spic and span; the pelicans have been replaced with the Australian Ibis* and the blue seats and tables have been white washed with bird droppings. It’s beautiful, I know.

DSC_0451_800x600 DSC_0455_800x600 DSC_0459_800x600
Yet visitors are still not losing their appetite. Just under the ANZAC Bridge, there is a bustle of activity as people are buying wholesale seafoods, awing at the fresh array of crustaceans and lining up for sashimi and fresh oysters. Our visit to today was not much different, as soon as we stepped inside, our paces slowed to accommodate for the crowds squeezing by the main walkway. Tables were filled but more so were the table tops with empty lobster and prawn shells piling up everywhere!

Amongst the fish mongers who boast fresh seafood from all the ocean’s realms, they also sell sushi, deep fried and grilled goodies for those who drop by for lunch. Whilst there are several sellers who offer this, after a quick shop-around there does not appear to be any steep differences between them. We opt for ‘Sydney Fish Market Cafe’ for our seafood platter, and ‘Christies’s Seafoods’ for our Lobster Mornay and Seafood Noodle. The food is only tasty but not amazing. The lobster lacked any real flesh as expected, and the seafood noodles seemed to be very sparing with the actual seafood. Admittedly, everything here is a overpriced, but I guess you can count that towards the buzzing atmosphere and joy of being surrounded by the ocean critters. This is the closest I have ever felt to being Ariel. Not really, it’s more of a fish graveyard. On that morbid note, I shall leave you with my photos of our lunch. Love it or hate it – it makes a great feast for the eyes.


DSC_0472_800x600 platter_800x600

* Apparently, there is still a pod of pelicans that wander the markets, but I was not fortunate enough to see them today.

Sydney Fish Market
Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: (02) 9004 1100

Open everyday 7am-4pm


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