A food blog run by two sisters from Sydney, Australia.
We reside in Western Sydney, but like to travel (preferably not via public transport).

Cynthia is currently studying Law/Communications (Media Arts and Production) and has a job cleaning tables, making espresso shots and throwing all sorts of sugary powder in cold drinks and using a blender. In her remaining time she is watching movies, reading books and taking photos.

Edwina is currently studying Primary Education. No she isn’t, she is on the internet having fun on Tumblr. In her spare time she is thinking of ways to use up old ingredients in the fridge and pantry, going grocery shopping and scrolling through an endless Instagram feed.

Basil is a Maltese x Shih Tzu, when he isn’t smiling he is sighing and on the lookout for bags he can sleep on. He likes to eat.

Thanks for reading!


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