You may not know it yet. But you asked these things.

Why is it called ‘Basil and Lamb’? 
It has nothing to do with the actual ingredients itself. ‘Basil’ is the name of our pet dog, he is a Maltese x Shih-Tzu. ‘Lamb’ is a super-funny and creative pun derived from our surname ‘Lam’. Let’s never be creative again.

When did you start this blog?
Late 2012, but we only started posting March 2013.

What made you start blogging?
I have had a perilous blogging ‘career’ (Cynthia) where I pretty much just do it for a hobby and only pursue it when I need an outlet or am bored out of my mind. This blog was conceived similarly from a 4am morning when I realised that I have officially run out of things do on the Internet.  Actually, that is a blatant lie. The internet is infinite. What is life and how can I find one?

Why doesn’t Edwina write anything?
Good question. Why doesn’t Edwina write anything? Probably the same reason I don’t cook anything. She proof reads the posts, but whilst drunk on fatigue late at night, so grammatical and spelling errors are littered generously. Sorry.

Have you ever considered what Earth would be like if the ground was made from Marshmallows?
Time and time again.

I was really hoping this would be more informative.

* In case you were wondering


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